Instructor Spotlight — Julia Paur

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in hospitality and minors in business and psychology.  I dove straight into my chosen profession working at The Mansion on Turtle Creek and then at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.  From there, I transitioned into a career selling wine and ultimately to a position as a catering director/wedding planner.  I loved each position, but my schedule was always demanding and my heart increasingly began to feel empty.  I was losing myself, and then I was called back to my mat.

The day I found my mat again was an awakening, which was found at the studio at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga.  I began to let go of who I once was and the labels I placed on myself from ego, family, friends and society.  I found my inner self and knew that I wanted to share my passion for yoga with others.  I wanted to help others heal themselves and awaken the same inner light that I had rediscovered.  Unfortunately, I felt that I was unable to follow my passion as a teacher until my husband pushed me to follow my dreams.  Almost overnight, I found myself packing my bags and driving off for teacher training in Scottsdale, AZ where I trained with Sumit Banerjee and obtained my 200 RYT in 2014.      

While completing my training in Arizona, my husband and I had a beautiful surprise, we found out we were pregnant with my second daughter.   The little being that I was growing shifted my studies to focus on prenatal yoga. I could not have asked for a more precious sign leading me to utilize my body as a tool to assist other mothers and to guide them through one of the most powerful changes they will ever experience with their bodies and their emotions.  I subsequently received prenatal training from Lauren Wessinger and Bridget Boland and began teaching prenatal in 2015. 

Since beginning my journey, I have had the privilege of guiding many moms in the benefits of yoga.  In general, my classes focus on healing, strengthening and breathing during their modified asanas to help expectant moms tune into their bodies and become more connected with their pregnancy.  I have also specialized in private partner prenatal classes and postnatal yoga classes with baby. 

Once my youngest started to attend daycare part time, I finally found myself back in the room at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga, where I have been guiding students now for a year and am always a student first.

To ask me what my favorite pose is would be asking me what is my favorite wine and or favorite song, because I find they change with the seasons of my life.  Lately I have found that Pigeon Pose aka “Eka Pada Rajakapotasana” has been the most beneficial for me. Benefits of this pose, is to release tension in hips while releasing unneeded emotion we store, stimulates the internal organs, stretches deep in the glutes, stretches groin area and alleviates sciatic pain.