Soul Sweat’s Yoga Tips of the Day


Hydrate. Hydrate. And hydrate. Not only during class, but consistently and constantly. Not only is a great for you in general, but it will help you feel great in hot classes. One of the number one things I hear from students is that they occasionally feel light headed or have a headache during or after class when they haven’t hydrated properly. That’s no coincidence. These are both symptoms of dehydration. Of course, if you feel light-headed, over-heated or dizzy in class, stop whatever pose you are in and lay down in savasana until you feel better.

-Ashley McLain



In our sequence at Soul Sweat, we do quite a few challenging standing-balancing poses (think Standing Bow, Standing Head to Knee, etc.). One of the most important and often forgotten elements of these poses is a strong standing leg. This doesn’t just mean straight… it means engaged. So, no hyperextension of the knee (straight knee but not locked or popped), lift the quadricep, engage the buttocks, your foot should be pressed firmly on the mat through the big toe knuckle, pinky to knuckle and center of heel and toes light on the mat. One of my favorite visual cues to give is that the standing leg should be like a tree trunk, strong and rooted.

-Ashley McLain