Instructor Spotlight – Christine Potter

About Christine

Christine was first drawn to yoga in college as a fun way to stay active. She enjoyed the deep stretching and change of pace that yoga provided. She began a steady practice with hot yoga looking for a practical physical work out, and fell in love with the mental benefits that it had to offer her. Christine still enjoys the deep stretching but her favorite part about practicing yoga is the opportunity to practice mindfulness and truly push "pause" on her everyday life.

She starting her teaching journey by participating in an ambassador program at Soul Sweat Hot Yoga for one year. The joy of sharing this new energy to students led to her completing 200 hour RYT with Sumit Banerjee at Sumit’s Hot Yoga in Fort Worth, TX (now Soul Sweat Hot Yoga).

Christine strives to teach classes that are fun, HOT, encouraging and always challenging. Her passion for music is weaved throughout her uplifting classes where she loves to see yogis sweaty and smiling. Off the mat you can find this foodie at local hot spots and coffee shops.

Yoga Tip from Christine

My favorite asana is always changing most recently I really enjoy Bridge Pose or “Setu Bandhasana.”  A little tip, I use a block on the lowest setting between my heels. This helps me maintain alignment in my feet so I can focus on breath. I prefer to do 3 rounds at a minimum and find that it brings relief to my lower back. Other benefits include opening the chest and stretching the abdominal wall; tones the glutes and thighs; stabilizes lower back; stimulates abdominal organs, lungs and thyroid.