4 Heart Opening Yoga Poses

4 Heart Opening Yoga Poses   Love is in the air. In the spirit of the month of Love, let’s talk about the heart. Heart opening yoga poses to be specific. All of these fab chest openers are practiced in our Soul Sweat sequence. These aren’t the only back bending, […]

What are the health benefits of Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra translates to yoga sleep. Some of the benefits include relieving muscular, emotional, and mental tension. It can help to treat insomnia and enhance your memory while increasing learning capacity. Yoga Nidra relaxes the mind as well as helping to relieve stress and anxiety. I know what you are […]

April Pose of the Month

The Revolved Half-Moon pose is the reflected mirror image of our POM from last month. The same techniques for improvements and deepening can still apply but there are also new benefits that did not occur with the last pose. We found multiple sources to help hard-working students begin to find their […]