Class Descriptions

Hot Soul Sweat 75

A set sequence that is designed for all levels.  Pulling inspiration from Bikram and Ashtanga flow, this sequence is set to energizing music in a hot room heated at 103-105.  This is guaranteed to make you sweat and will set your soul on fire!

Hot Soul Sweat 60

A shorter version of our Soul Sweat Hot 75 -- same fun music and just as sweaty.

Soul Strength

A high-energy yoga class that incorporates light weights into the sequence.  Soul Strength will strengthen, tone and increase flexibility.

Heated Vinyasa

Heated vinyasa will synchronize breath and movement with this dynamic flow set to music combining mental concentration, breath work, strength, flexibility and endurance.  Some inversions, arm balances and standing poses with modifications for all levels! Room is heated 90-98 for a detoxifying sweat.  

Restore Your Soul

Yin style restorative yoga that is slow paced, quiet, passive, healing practice that works on the deep connective tissues or fascia of the body. The practice primarily consists of floor poses held for longer periods of time with a focus on the spine and opening all fascia from the hips down. The practice can increase joint health and flexibility as well calm the mind and nervous system. It is an ideal complement to our practice. Restore your soul is suitable for all levels: newbies, experienced practitioners, recovering athletes and seniors.

Lil’ Souls Kids Class

A fun twist on yoga for our precious little yogis.  A non-heated class that is fun and suitable for all ages.  We recommend 4 and older, but feel free to bring your little one if they can participate in one hour of yoga.

Teen Vinyasa

A lightly heated one hour vinyasa class for ages 12-16.  Teens will learn how to breathe, move and meditate.

Soul Sweat Hot Yoga Community Class

Integrates the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga and Ashtanga-inspired power flow. This class is designed for all levels beginners through advanced and flows to music through a sequence of both balancing and energizing asanas (poses) in a heated practice environment. This class is a $5.00 cash class for both members and nonmembers of Soul Sweat.